WICE Membership Policy

  • WICE membership is not transferable or refundable.
  • WICE membership is valid for the Membership period starting from the payment receipt date.
  • WICE membership is required for participation in WICE events or courses. Exceptions may exist, which will be noted in the event description.

WICE members can access their membership profile, including details of their membership, by clicking on “Log in” from the WICE website homepage, which will require you to input your email address and password.

Code of Conduct

All members are expected to maintain a respectful and harmonious environment. This entails:

  1. Respectful Interactions: Avoid rude, insulting, or demeaning comments and actions towards other members.
  2. Inappropriate Behavior: We recognize that perceptions of inappropriateness can vary among individuals. If a member communicates discomfort regarding another's behavior, the concerned action should cease immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome comments, jokes, or physical contact.
  3. No Discrimination: WICE has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind, including based on race, religion, creed, gender, nationality, age, disability, or any other protected category. We embrace diversity and expect all members to do the same.
  4. Language Practice: A significant part of WICE's mission is to provide opportunities for members to practice French and English. In group settings, it's essential that everyone has an equal chance to speak and practice. Members should be mindful not to dominate conversations, allowing all participants to contribute and benefit from the language exchange.

Event or Course Registration & Payment

Registration as a WICE member is required for all attendees of WICE paid events or courses. See event description for exceptions. Event or course registration and payment should be completed as early as possible to secure your place. A minimum of two weeks prior to the starting date is suggested. Popular courses may become full weeks in advance of the start date.

Registration and Payment (in euros)

  1. Online payment (recommended): Log into your WICE account from the WICE homepage and select an event to register for. For paid events or courses, pay online using our secure PayPal portal. A PayPal account is not required to pay by credit card..
  2. Bank wire transfer: Pay for a WICE event or course by bank wire transfer.
  3. Confirmation - Once payment is received, course confirmation and relevant details will be sent via email.

Payment Terms

Payment for WICE Membership or event registration is due within 10 days of registration.

If course registration is made less than 10 days before classes begin, immediate payment is required. If payment is not received you will be placed on the waitlist to make space for paying members.

If payment is not received 5 days before the event starts, your registration may be canceled.

In the event you have overpaid or have a credit on your account, please contact the WICE Office to claim your preference: 

  1. carry the overpayment until July 1st of the same year, 
  2. use the overpayment to settle a new registration, 
  3. extend membership,
  4. claim a refund in line with WICE refund policy. 

Accounting Memo: Approved course refunds will be issued to active members, upon written request, before July 1st of the calendar year in which the initial payment was made. If not advised to refund the credit, WICE will apply the appropriate amount to extended membership, and the remainder will be deposited as a non-refundable donation.  

Last-Minute Sign-Ups

WICE courses are limited to a specific number of participants. Unless otherwise indicated, you can enroll in and pay for a course at the last minute if there is space available.

Please do not arrive for a course without registering and paying beforehand. Instructors do not accept course payments.

Event Waitlist

If a course is fully subscribed, we encourage you to register anyway. You will be automatically placed on the waitlist and receive a waitlist confirmation. No payment is required for the waitlist. Alternatively, members can email wice@wice-paris.org and request that they be added to a waitlist.

If a place becomes available, the first person in line on the waitlist will be notified, and given the opportunity to register and pay. Sometimes if there are several Members on a waitlist, a new course could be added at a future date.

Class Schedule & Attendance

A registration confirmation will be sent to registrants by email.  It will include useful details such as, meeting points, preparation and what items to bring.  Admission fees for museum visits or tours may be required and will be noted.

WICE reserves the right to change the time, date or location of a course. WICE may cancel the event if it is under-enrolled, or for other valid reasons. We will notify registrants of any changes. In the case of cancellation by WICE and no substitute course is offered, WICE will issue credits or refunds. WICE tries to reschedule canceled courses if there is adequate interest, giving priority to those who originally registered.

WICE Closure due to Incidents Beyond Control

WICE normally stays open and holds classes during external events such as inclement weather, strikes or transportation outages. Unless you are otherwise notified, assume that a scheduled course is proceeding as scheduled. Contact WICE to confirm if you are in doubt.

Paid Event Cancellation

WICE courses are of several types:

  • Single session: only one meeting
  • Multi-session: several meetings payable as an integral series
  • Flexible multi-session: several meetings payable on an individual meeting basis*




Seven days or more before course start

A credit or refund for the course value

less than seven days before course start

A credit or refund for the course value

ONLY if a replacement person is found

>YOU RECEIVE: a credit or refund for the value of the course
  • All  credits are valid six months
  • WICE “cancellation” is defined as when a course is withdrawn and not rescheduled

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