In 1978, three American expats approached what is now the American University of Paris (AUP) with the idea of developing courses to help Anglophone women enter the French workforce. Although they began with a single classroom, membership soon swelled and WICE grew to include a highly successful Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification program. WICE eventually broke off from AUP and moved into its own office, offering an expanded range of activities such as French language classes, writing classes, art classes, cultural lectures, and tours.

Over the decades, WICE has been an important part of the anglophone community in Paris. Projects that began at WICE and continue to this day are the Paris Writers Workshop, and the literary journal Upstairs at Duroc. WICE’s special projects for our members in the past have included books on the French healthcare system, a professional women’s conference, and a job fair for English-speakers in Paris.

WICE’s range of activities has evolved with the needs and interests of our community. What was once an organization geared towards continuing education for women, WICE now welcomes everyone for a variety of language courses, walking tours, museum visits, and classes in creative writing, visual arts, cooking, wine and more.

Today’s WICE is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that offers a vibrant environment for people from anglophone and francophone countries to meet and socialize, to share insider tips for enriching life in Paris, and to put their skills to good use volunteering in a range of positions at WICE.

As we approach our 50th year, WICE is once again evolving and creating new ways to engage, educate, and enrich the lives of our members. Our website course page lists some of the exciting things we have planned. Stay informed by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, WICE Direct.

We welcome suggestions for new classes and activities. If you have ideas for classes that you would like to see available, please email us some details at:

Whether you have just landed in France, or are an established expat, or are a native Francophone, WICE has a place for you.

Our Achievements

The internationally known Paris Writers Workshop (24 years of bringing celebrated writers together to discuss the craft, challenges and power of writing).

Publication of Upstairs at Duroc, an international literary and arts journal that promotes innovative English language writing from the Paris area and around the world.

Women on the Move (WICE served as a co-host for this conference on professional relocation for geographically mobile women).

Money Matters for Women Conferences.

WICE World Watch (discussions of global issues), in partnership with the American Library of Paris.

Writers on Writing (informal conversations with celebrated authors), in partnership with the American Library of Paris.

Publication of Paris Health Care Resources, a guide to the French healthcare system.

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