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Mid-winter mood boost!

Grisaille got you down? WICE to the rescue! Come have lunch... play a fun game... take a cool class. Sign up for something new today!


Quoi de neuf ?

Book groups to game nights, tech talks to themed walks, writing classes to language learning, social events to French-English conversation... WICE offers so many ways to get smart, get creative, get together. Come join us!

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Paris Writers Workshop 2 -7 June 2024

Social Activities

Mingle with fellow members at monthly lunches and apéros!

Games and Crafts

Pétanque, mahjong, knitting, and more. Let the fun begin!

Languages and Film

Pick your favorite way to learn – from structured DELF-oriented classes to film discussion and informal conversation groups. New offerings include Advanced Beginner French and French Lit for Fun.

Creative Writing

From novel writing and craft classes to creating 17-syllable haikus, our talented instructors guide your literary journey. Join us now and let WICE’s renowned program unleash your writing potential.

Photography & Visual Arts

Tap your creativity in new and different ways. From classic photography to iPhoneography, delve into the history of visuals, hone your drawing skills, and master graphic design software.


Discover the expanded world of WICE Literature! From multiple book reading groups to play readings, museum programs, and author events, immerse yourself in the vibrant realm of literary exploration.

Walks, Talks, & Tours

Explore Paris like never before! Join themed city strolls, enlightening talks, and captivating museum tours. Uncover the hidden gems of this remarkable region alongside fellow WICE members.


Empower your tech skills! Join our open Zoom sessions for hands-on help, explore monthly online classes on Gmail, Google Search, and more, or schedule one-on-one tech assist visits. Stay tech-savvy with WICE!
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Learn a craft or play games with WICE

WICE members are always looking for new skills and so here is your opportunity to learn to knit or play Mahjong or Pétanque, or perhaps simply remind yourself of your childhood and replay (or relearn) those board games. If you have a skill you'd like to share, please get in touch.

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