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Visual Arts

Paris inspires creativity. Easels, sketchbooks and cameras abound, and museums and galleries are full of art treasures as living proof. The WICE Visual Arts department embraces this creative spirit and offers a range of classes, from one-day workshops to in-depth courses.

Whether exploring the hidden corners of the city with your camera, sketching in a Paris café, or printmaking in an historic La Ruche studio, you’ll receive the personal attention and the creative inspiration that you need to really see (and feel!) Paris.

Let our experienced and talented instructors provide the practical techniques and creative inspiration to make the events, characters, and emotions of daily life in Paris something extraordinary and memorable.

Do you have a question about Visual Arts or want more information on our classes? No problem! Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Upcoming courses

    • 11 Mar 2019
    • 25 Mar 2019
    • 3 sessions
    • Instructor’s Studio, Ile St Louis
    • 5

    The artistic choices we make with our cameras tell us about who we are, what we love, and how we might "speak" to the world with visual images. Many influences guide the development of our creative style and encourage us, as photographic artists, to continue to evolve on our creative path.

    This course is for all photographers (beginners and advanced) who would like to take their work to the next level by learning new techniques, discovering new ways to see the world through a lens, learning from the work of legacy and contemporary photographers, and focusing on themes which deepen the creative process. We will also bend … and break … a few rules to produce truly original work.

    You will review creative tools such as composition, lighting, perspective, motion, contrast, selective focus, and post-production techniques through in-class exercises and assignments.  We will discuss the work of past and present photographers, and how taking a deep dive into a particular theme for a series is both challenging and liberating.

    Students can expect to:

    • Become more familiar with their camera and its creative and technical options.
    • Learn about exposure, composition, and how to engage subjects.
    • Learn from the work of other photographers.
    • Move their work in new creative directions.
    • Participate in a friendly critique session of their work.

    Course Requirements:

    • Suitable for all levels of photographers

    About the Instructor: Meredith Mullins is a popular photo instructor and fine-art photography mentor, an internationally exhibited photographer, and a winner of international photography competitions, including the Grand Concours Photo sur Paris, PX3 Competition, Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Photographer’s Forum, and Worldwide Gala Photo Awards. She is the author of the award-winning book In a Paris Moment, a leader of photo adventure tours, and the Co-Founder of the International Fine Art Photography Competition.

    Photo Credit: Lauren Gezurian

    • 11 Mar 2019
    • 25 Mar 2019
    • 3 sessions
    • Artist’s private studio in the 15th Arrondissement
    • 5

    “One also paints what lies between the apple and the plate. And believe me, it seems just as difficult to paint the 'in-between' as the thing itself” - Georges Braque.

    Speaking simply and directly, Georges Braque reveals an essential element of visual art: negative space. Based on Braque’s practice of sketching variations of a still-life on small sheets of gridded paper, then using those studies to create intriguingly colorful paintings, this class will explore the importance of the “in-between” in painting.

    Activities will include:

    • Making studies from Braque’s pencil sketches
    • Using Braque’s technique to create line drawings from a still-life subject
    • Studies of Braque’s color palette and choosing one’s own color harmony
    • Completion of a small color composition with water based paint on paper

    A 15€ supply fee is included in the cost of this course. All materials are provided.

    Open to all levels.

    About the Instructor: Prior to settling in Paris, Jan Olsson was awarded the Professional Fellowship in Painting from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Her paintings have been exhibited in Paris’ most competitive juried exhibitions and are included in both private and museum collections.  Visit her professional website and teaching blog.

    Photo Credit: Public Domain

    • 15 Mar 2019
    • 29 Mar 2019
    • 3 sessions
    • WICE, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015 Paris: metro La Motte Picquet Grenelle
    • 7

    Geometric diagrams use the visual features of specific drawn objects to convey meaning. Cartography, the science or practice of drawing maps, has been a useful tool even before we had cities. What do these have to do with mark-making, painting, drawing and art at all? Media art practices can be defined as the decision or systems artists use to make their art. 

    In this workshop we will explore the history of algorithmic image making — from sacred (and ancient) Islamic math-based art to the introduction of the computer and evolution into contemporary practices. This will be followed by an investigation into what this means for such artists as: Sol LeWitt, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Stefanie Posavec.

    An introduction to media practice would not be complete without a medium. Through the use of a simple program we will explore a data visualization with the objective to gain a bit more understanding of media practices through algorithmic image making.

    Suitable for all with basic computer skills interested in exploring new modes for creative expression. Participants need to bring a laptop to class.

    About the instructor: Naomi Cook lives and works between Montreal and Paris. She studied Art and Philosophy at Concordia University, Montreal. Her technique stems from her interest in engravings, sound, and visual representations of data. Her work has been featured in several group exhibitions in Montreal and abroad. Her works were selected by Canadian Art as favorites of the 2015 edition of PAPIER Art Fair, Montreal. In 2016, she was in Paris at Récollets as part of the Résidences Croisées France-Québec.

    Image Credit:  Naomi Cook
    • 23 Mar 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Artists Studio, 75015 Paris: metro Convention
    • 6
    Come and join instructor Jan Olsson in the beautiful historic site known as La Ruche and learn the basics of printmaking through a simple and popular technique known as the 'monotype'. 

    As its name suggests, a monotype is a one-of-a-kind print. Rather than carving or etching, a monotype is made by painting with ink on a smooth surface. Degas loved its ease and used it to create strong atmospheric light and bold textures. Contemporary artists are drawn to it for its immediacy.

    Making a monotype print involves no toxic materials or laborious technique. One can make a print in just a few minutes and some monotype techniques do not require a press. Stamping, stenciling and collage can be used to create a myriad of beautiful effects.

    This class is perfect for:

    • Those who enjoy sharing a creative learning process within a small, convivial group 
    • Working WICE members who would enjoy relaxing and creating on a Saturday
    • Artists of all kinds who want to learn and practice this intriguing technique

    Click here to see prints by Jan’s students and learn more about monotypes. Course requirements: No skills and no previous knowledge of the medium is necessary.

    This workshop is open to all levels, artists and non-artists alike.
    Materials: All materials will be provided for this full-day course. Students will bring a sack lunch and cover-up.

    About the Instructor:  Jan Olsson has been working in her studio at La Ruche since 1990. While studying for her Master of Fine Arts degree in Drawing, Jan also studied etching, lithography and silkscreen printing, and has since taught advanced printmaking courses at college level. Shortly after she purchased and installed an etching press at La Ruche, Jan began working with monotype prints, one of her favorite mediums. You may visit her professional website for examples of her work.

    Photo Credit:  Jan Olsson

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