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Here at WICE, the team is working to hold as many of our courses as possible online and provide continuity to our members here in Paris during the current lock-down period.

The language courses are leading the charge online but we are endeavouring to get as much content and as many of our members learning and interacting online as possible.

Check this page for updates as we provide new courses and talks online.

Upcoming Events

No events available.

Past Online Events

08 Apr 2022 BA083 French Guided Discussion
08 Apr 2022 BA082 French 4.3 - Section Two
06 Apr 2022 BA061 French Films
05 Apr 2022 BA051 French 2.3 (Remote)
04 Apr 2022 BA041 French 3.3 (Hybrid)
10 Feb 2022 SF105 Map of Your City: Creating an Illustrated Map Using Your Favorite Techniques (Remote Online)
03 Feb 2022 SF034 Mapmaking: How to Create Your Own Personalized Map
05 Jan 2022 BJ051 French Films (Remote)
04 Jan 2022 BJ041 French 2.2 (Remote)
08 Nov 2021 SS27X Creative Photography Workout (Online): Session 3 The Power of Color (When, Why, and How)
18 Oct 2021 SS27X Creative Photography Workout (Online): Session 2 Intimate Landscapes
27 Sep 2021 SS27X Creative Photography Workout (Online): Session 1: People Stories
14 Jun 2021 AU141: Grand Central Station: A Rose Among Thorns
11 Jun 2021 WU111: Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell
05 Jun 2021 L06051 Yoga with Virginia
04 Jun 2021 WU041: Bilingual Book Group Special Event / Rencontre Litteraire Bilingue de WICE
18 May 2021 LM181: Numerology: Personal Year Cycles
10 May 2021 LA271: The History of French Fashion
04 May 2021 WY041:Writing Poetry - Craft and Inspiration
15 Apr 2021 AA151: European Synagogue Architecture: What makes it special?
15 Apr 2021 BA083 French Literature (Remote)
12 Apr 2021 SA121: Creative Photography Workout (Online)
09 Apr 2021 BA093 French Guided Discussion (Remote) Friday
09 Apr 2021 BA092 French 4.3 (Remote)
08 Apr 2021 BA085 French Guided Discussion (Remote) Thursday
08 Apr 2021 BA084 English Guided Discussion Thursday (Remote)
08 Apr 2021 BA082 French 3.3 (Remote)
08 Apr 2021 BA081 French 2.3 (Remote)
07 Apr 2021 WICE Talks: NPS Special Presentation - Bryce Canyon National Park, FREE for Members
07 Apr 2021 LM171 Pilates with Anne Campbell-Crawford (Remote)
23 Mar 2021 AM2301: The History of Paris and its Angels Part 2 of 2
23 Mar 2021 WM231: Using Your Senses to Write Fiction
18 Mar 2021 VM111: Women Artists and Their Art: The Contributions of Women in Art History Part 2
17 Mar 2021 WICE Talks: NPS Special Presentation -Yellowstone National Park, FREE for Members
16 Mar 2021 AM1601: The History of Paris and its Angels Part 1 of 2
12 Mar 2021 WM121 Bilingual Books: Boquitas Pintadas (Heartbreak Tango / Le Plus Beau Tango Du Monde) by Manuel PUIG
09 Mar 2021 AM091: Manhattan in Sixty Minutes
26 Feb 2021 WF261 - Bilingual Books: Convenience Store Woman (La fille de la supérette) by Sayaka Murata
25 Feb 2021 VF251: Representation of the Feminine Nude in Western Art: The Contributions of Women Artists in Art History Part 1
12 Feb 2021 WF121 Bilingual Books: You Will Be Safe Here (Tout Ira Bien) by Damian Barr
08 Feb 2021 SF081 Creating a Vision For Your Life REMOTE
02 Feb 2021 WICE Talks: Florida Everglades - US Park Service Special Presentation FREE for Members
27 Jan 2021 LJ2701 Pilates with Anne Campbell-Crawford (Remote)
26 Jan 2021 VJ261 POST-WAR ARCHITECTURE in Paris and The Grand Projects
21 Jan 2021 LJ2101: Ayurveda, The Mother of All Healing
20 Jan 2021 WICE Talks: Pancakes in the City of Light with Author Craig Carlson
19 Jan 2021 VJ191 PARIS ARCHITECTURE: From Art Nouveau to Modern Art
18 Jan 2021 SJ182 Meet the Great Photographers (Online Lecture Series)
16 Jan 2021 LJ161 Yoga with Virginia Williamson (Remote)
15 Jan 2021 WJ151 Novels in Progress: An Advanced Workshop (Cancelled)
12 Jan 2021 WICE Talks: Whitman Mission - US Park Service Special Presentation. FREE for Members
11 Jan 2021 SJ112:Creative Photography Workout (Remote)
05 Jan 2021 VJ051 Private Parisian Mansions: A Famous Element of French Heritage
15 Dec 2020 VD151 The Famous Cocottes and Courtesans of the 19th Century
12 Dec 2020 LD121 Yoga with Virginia Williamson (Remote)
12 Dec 2020 WD121 PitchCraft: Getting Published (Remote Online)
20 Nov 2020 VN201 PARIS ART AND ARCHITECTURE (Online 4-part Series)
12 Nov 2020 AN121 Ethiopia: A Land of Staggering Cultural Riches (Remote)
10 Nov 2020 AN031 Lecture: Symbols in Painting (New Date - Remote)
07 Nov 2020 LN071 Yoga with Virginia Williamson (Remote)
05 Nov 2020 WN051 Fiction Writing: Openings and Next Steps (Remote)
25 Oct 2020 LO251 French Cooking - Online Classes: Alisa Morov Chez Vous
07 Oct 2020 LO071 Pilates with Anne Campbell-Crawford (Remote)
30 Sep 2020 WS301 Writing Poetry: Craft and Inspiration (Remote)
21 Sep 2020 SS212 Creative Photography Workout (Remote)
20 Sep 2020 LG30 French Cooking - Online Classes: Alisa Morov Chez Vous
17 Sep 2020 ES171 WICE Virtual Open House 2020
11 Sep 2020 WS111 Bilingual Books: All We Shall Know (Tout ce que nous allons savoir) by Donal Ryan (Remote Online)
15 Jul 2020 BL152 French Summer Intensive B2 - C1 REMOTE (8 sessions)
15 Jul 2020 BL151 French Summer Intensive A2-B1 REMOTE (8 sessions)
10 Jul 2020 LY101 French Cooking - Online Classes: Alisa Morov Chez Vous (4 part series - à la carte or bundled)
29 Jun 2020 WU291 Structuring the Novel
16 Jun 2020 WA141 Bilingual Books: The Châtelet Apprentice: The First Nicolas Le Floch Investigation (L'enigme des Blancs-Manteaux : Les enquêtes de Nicolas le Floch, n°1) - REMOTE
12 Jun 2020 WU171 Bilingual Books: David Young, Stasi Child (Thriller Genre Talk)
03 Jun 2020 WICE Special Film Screening - In The Name Of Your Daughter, and a Q&A with director Giselle Portenier.
03 Jun 2020 BA131 French for French Nationality REMOTE
02 Jun 2020 WY121 Bilingual Books (Historical Book Series): Kamel Daoud, The Meursault Investigation - REMOTE
19 May 2020 LockDown Talk - Mundey Young Expat and Life Coach: Creating a Vision in Times of Uncertainty
14 May 2020 VA141 Creativity Through Movement with Hiie Saumaa
08 May 2020 WA171 Bilingual Books: Sándor Márai, Embers [Les Braises] - REMOTE
24 Apr 2020 WM131 Bilingual Books: Madeline Miller, Circe - REMOTE
18 Apr 2020 R1301 Pairing Champagne and Food – Webinar (New Date)
26 Mar 2020 WO151 Bilingual Books: Alias Grace - REMOTE
26 Mar 2020 LockDown Short Talk - Combatting our Ageing Skin: What can be done?
20 Mar 2020 WICE Online Apéro
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