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WICE's 40th Anniversary Celebration will be held May 15th, 2018 at Le Cordon Bleu.
Performers from "The Merde Factor" - ©Meredith Mullins
Stephen Clarke, author and performer, in "The Merde Factor" - ©Meredith Mullins

In 1978, WICE began providing our members with cultural and educational programs, and opportunities to develop their professional lives. Over the years, our membership has expanded as we have diversified our course offerings to adapt with the changing times. Now, as an anchor organization in the English-speaking community in Paris, WICE continues our pledge of bringing quality learning experiences and social gatherings in a fun and lively environment to our members.    

2018 is our year to celebrate this great milestone of 40 years of serving English speakers in Paris. To mark this monumental anniversary, we‘ve added an exciting new array of special events and unique classes for our members to enjoy. Whether it is for connecting with others, pursuing a passion, or learning something new, there is something for everyone when WICE Hits 40!. 

Check out the courses below and join in the fun!

WICE 40 Ancedotes

We are looking for stories from members past and present. If you have an anecdote about your expereiences with WICE then please contact us at the following email address. 


Upcoming WICE Hits 40! Events

Wice 40 Blog Posts

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